Kitten in can  Delucadana wrote 7 months ago

Can't find vitamin K content of tempeh. Most sites say zero unless it is made with bacillus bacteria. We made some at home using no bacteria, just spores of Rhizopus fungus. One quarter cup of the cooked tempeh eaten for dinner last night seems to have knocked my INR down by 1.1 points in an 18-hour period. My guess is that it's similar to natto which is also fermented soy but natto is formed with bacillus subtilis bacteria.

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted 7 months ago

Hmm it does seem natto is very high in k2 like 1000mcg in 100 grams so if tempeh is similar thats a huge amount and would certainly explain the drop.
Found these sites with some info

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