Dog in hat  Milkmanswife4! wrote 3 months ago

Hello, I just discovered this site and joined the other day. This is my first post. I am 49 year's old and have factor V leiden (homozygous) and have had 3 dvt's and a bloodclot in an arm as well. I have been on warfarin, since I was 30 year's old and kept getting dvt's, so was tested for a blood disorder. I am a lifer, with warfarin and always take 10mg's nightly. I used to range between 2.9 and 3.4. However, I have done alot of reading and have been concerned about the warfarin use and calcification in my arteries. I have been taking vitamin k-2 m-k7 100 mcg's, for about a year and no INR changes. I recently changed it to 200 mcg's. I am taking 325 mg's of ecotrin and drinking pineapple juice everyday to stay therapeutic. I am currently at 2.1. I want to start k-2 mk-4 as well. Anything I can do to prevent adverse effects taking this warfarin for life, I want to do. These vitamins have been shown to reverse any calcification, as well. Anyone else taking k-2 mk-4, or mk-7? What have you done to stay therapeutic? Foods-drinks-supplements? How many mcg's is anyone else taking? Thanks so much in advance for any input. Cindy

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted 3 months ago

Hi, at 38 I had a mechanical aortic valve implanted due to a birth defect so am a warfarin lifer too, I’ve been on warfarin coming up 5 yrs, warfarin is one of the oldest pharmaceuticals with heaps of data around but still seems to be subject to myth and old wives tales. I take 100mcg K1 and a 45mcg K2 and 25mcg D3 combination, I read D3 helps your body put the calcium in your bones rather than your arteries and can actually reverse arterial calcification. As for seeing an affect on INR with extra vit K I have not, I have experimented with adjusting my INR when high with K1 rather altering my dose, 800mcg K1 dropped it one INR point but it took 4days to see the full affect, I found warfarin dose changes are more predictable and reliable for adjustments. I think the jurys out on whether warfarin causes calcification among many other things warfarin is blamed on. The current longest surviving single AVR individual has been on warfarin since 1967 so 53 years for him on warfarin, and he is 84 yrs old with a normal calcium score. I think if you are genetically predisposed to calcify your heart and arteries it will happen warfarin or not. My bicuspid aortic valve calcified, then started leaking very badly pre-warfarin and was replaced, now my mitral valve is calcifying so I’m hoping the K2D3 might help.

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Dog in hat  Milkmanswife4! - (82) - posted 3 months ago

Hello Warrick and thank you for the reply. I am sorry for your issues that you are dealing with. I am taking D-3- 5000-iu and K-2 MK-4- 500mcg and K-2 MK-7- 200 mcg. I am at 1.7 today. I am cutting the MK-7 down to 100mcg, to try to remain therapeutic. I wanted to take 200 mcg, but not going to be able to apparently. I agree, alot of reading you cannot believe. I just pray this helps me in same way? Good health to you. Thanks, Cindy

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