1966 shelby mustang  AussieGuy85 wrote about 4 years ago

Is anyone aware of the effects (if any,) of the Beta Blocker Sotalol with Coumadin? I am on 80mg in the morning, and 40mg at night to control atrial fibrillation and taking 5mg of Coumadin to meet range of 2.5-3.5mg.

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Dog and kitten sleep  Veronica - - posted about 4 years ago

We use a drug interaction database called Pepid, it's the same database many pharmacists use. It says are no interactions between Sotalol and Coumadin.

If you fill your prescriptions at the same pharmacy they should be able to detect any possible interactions and alert you of it. I'm not sure if they are required by law to do so, but I'd imagine they could be held liable if something happened.

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