Dolphin  Oxana82 wrote over 3 years ago

I was doing the research on common fruits and this website gives me "There is 4.73 mcg of Vitamin K in 1.0 fruit of kiwi (kiwifruit, gold, raw)." However, KIWI is in a list of higher Vitamin K content everywhere else on the internet, something like 30 per each fruit. Who is right?

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Dog in hat  Ferann - - posted over 3 years ago

@Oxana82, as you quoted, 4.73 mcg of Vitamin K refers to a *gold* kiwi fruit. It is kiwi with yellow flesh.

Kiwi most commonly available in stores is a green kiwi, not gold. It's flesh inside is green. It is a different beast; and it contains about 30 mcg vitamine K.

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Fantasy avatar 2  jmlois - - posted over 3 years ago

1 medium sized kiwi fruit contains close to 30 mcg Vitamin K according to the Canada Nutrient File

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