Iam killer dog  anarodrigues wrote 7 months ago

I am new at this journey of keeping INR under control, I had my heart surgery on the 7th of January 2020, a aortic valve replacement, now I have a mechanic valve.
Where can I find balanced recipes?
Does anyone knows?
Thank you.

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Iam killer dog  wegie60@gmail.com - (146) - posted 7 months ago

I purchased a paperback book from Amazon called "The Coumadin Cookbook". a guide to healthy meals when taking coumadin. fourth edition by Rene Desmarais, M.D. Greg Golden, RCS Gail Beynon. I have a photo but I could find no way here to share the photo. I think I bought it used for around $7. not sure how much it is new. It's aprox. 450 pages. has many many recipe for people who take Coumadin. Hope this helps you.

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Iam killer dog  anarodrigues - - posted 7 months ago

Hi and thank you very much for your information, I will search for that book.

Thanks again!

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