Eagle  rimtechmob58 wrote about 5 years ago

1.8 normaly 2.5 chest pain rigth side hospital here is no good they tend to fog me off last time i had issues with them i landed in hospital in brisbane and ended up having mayor open heart sugery

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted about 5 years ago

That's really frustrating that your hospital doesn't take your complaints seriously.

Has your diet changed recently? Have you taken any new drugs? Have you been sick recently? Any of those could have impacted your INR.

I would be on the lookout for these blood clot symptoms. If you have them, then your hospital must take this seriously. I would ask the hospital for a D-Dimer Blood Test. It won't confirm that you have a blood clot, but it'll tell you if you don't have one. Keep in mind that the test is faulty if you're pregnant.

- Sudden weakness in any limb
- New numbness or tingling anywhere
- Visual changes
- Sudden onset of slurred speech or inability to speak
- Dizziness, faintness, loss of balance (lack of coordination)
- New pain, swelling, redness, or heat in your body part(s)
- New shortness of breath or chest pain
- Sudden, intense, severe headache

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