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I am in need of someone's point of view on this situation. I work at a facility in which we have many patient's that have standing orders for PT/INR, and Coumadin Therapy. Most generally the Drs. give us the diagnosis as to why they are on the Coumadin and getting the PT checked, so we have been coding these cases with the diagnosis given and the Long Term Med. Mtr. diags. (ie. 453.9 and V58.61). It has come to my attention that we should not be coding it in this way, but instead using the V58.83 then the V58.61 (encounter for therapuetic drug monitoring, then the long term mtr. code) is this correct? And also would it be incorrect to include the actual problem as to why there are on the meds?
I have read the Coding Clinics, 2Q2004 pg. 10-11, and Coding Clinic 3Q2002, pg. 15-16, but they do not seem to get a specific scenario. Any guidance would be much appreciated

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