Kitty in a hammock  kbincali wrote about 4 years ago

My inr was stable at 2.2 with a 5 mg dose. After my dr. told me to supplement omega-3 to increase my good cholesterol, my inr dropped to 1.7, no other changes in diet or activity. I chose flax seed and oil, walnuts, and salmon instead of pills. When i asked the coag clinic nurse, she said these things wouldn't change my inr, but now I notice on this site's list that flax can inhibit warfarin. Of course my doctor knows what i'm on, so i'm a bit confused by the conflict. At the most i'd be using a Tb. a day of flax. Could this be enough to change the inr?

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Puppy sleep  Cindy in nj - (8) - posted almost 4 years ago

I take omega every day. Just makes me question as to the above... if I should be taking it. Although my INR is stable and constant! Now also thinking though I have been taking this as long as I've been on coumadin so this is probably why no change in my INR... sorry to have wasted anyone's time. Oops

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