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Hello everyone. I was just diagnosed with Factor V Leiden at age 30 after having the genetic testing done. I had a serious DVT and PE in November in which time I was placed on Eliquis 10mg twice a day and then reduced down to 5mg twice a day. My INR is at .8 three months later and I'm scheduled for a Echocardiogram, Chest Angiogram, and another ultrasound on my leg. I'm new to this world, however not new to blood clots. I developed one in my left eye after surgery when I was 12, another in my right leg when I was 18, and then at 22 in the left leg, and then the most recent at age 30 was a PE in my left lung and DVT in my left leg. They have increased in severity and it was not until this one was I finally referred to a hematologist. For those of you on at home treatment or that have had Eliquis or similar, did it work well at keeping your INR at ideal levels? Have you had any episodes of new clots since being on medication? My specialist has already told me I will be on medication for life. Just looking to see what some long term expectations I can have.

Thank you all for your time in reading my story and I hope for the best in each of your own journeys!

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