Iam killer dog  Mary wrote 7 months ago

I was just diagnosed after having bilateral pulmonary embolisms. Just started on insulin as my sugar levels went crazy in the hospital. Trying now to manage what to eat. I didn’t usually eat 3 meals a day but now with the insulin I eat all the times it seems.
Am having a hard time managing meals. Favorite meal is a steak and a wedge salad. Had to back off the salad. Need some advise what to eat. I have been carb pairing and that has brought my sugar down but wht about the vit k

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Puppy sleep  Sammysam - - posted 4 months ago

Have you heard anything about Dr Jason Fung? He is a nephrologist and has many talks Out there and written several books. Check YouTube. The atieology of obesity is very good. 6 parts but worth the time spent. He is easy to listen to and speaks well. He has a book on Diabetes and a book on obesity. Worth a listen.

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