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My niece who is 17 was rushed to hospital with symptoms of severe abdominal pain and vomit and diagnosed as Portomescentric Venous thrombos, a month back.
She is currently on acitrom ( warfarin ). While admitted, her blood sample was tested and found protein s and c diff. But I heard, while thrombosys is present these s and c diff are not correct indications. So question for you, when they tested for you for s and c diff, were you on warfarin?
Also are you saying that you were not taking warfarin for 6 years?
And few general questions for all memebers:
1. Does the clot in general melt or go away?
2. During that process, it can flow to anywhere and cause issues?
3. The alternate path blood takes i.e collaterals create problems? What frequency?
4. I was told may after 6 months to 1 year, we may stop warfarin? Is it safe? what are pros and cons of stopping or not stopping?
5. Since we really dont know why she had problem ( since I am not 100% sure on prot s and c diff ), what are in general causes for clot?
6. Why do people say INR range should be between 2-3 while on warfarin? How is it different than having 1 with or withour coagulents?
7. When do we need to woory on less INR while on warfarin. Ours is between 1.8-1.9 and doctor is asking to continue same dose

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