Cool dog  malti wrote over 4 years ago

what should be my anticoagulant dosage with my inr being 2.20?

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Fantasy avatar 7  Jaci - (14) - posted over 4 years ago

Your clinician should be the one setting your dosage with the intention of keeping you within range. If you go +/- out of range he/she will decide what your range should be. There are many factors that they use to decide your level including diet and medications. Almost all coumadin levels are calculated by the computer now but I still use the way I was taught in medical school for myself. An example of the differences in dosing is as follows:
My dosage is 5.0 mg 5 x's a week with 6.25 mg twice a week while a friend of mine's dosage is 10 mg 5 x's a week and 7.5 twice a week. We both are within range.

One thing I will warn you about is not to try to place yourself on coumadin without your Doctor's advice. Going off and on coumadin at will adversely affects your clotting system. See a doctor to make sure that coumadin is the best choice for you.

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