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Today I had my blood tests and my results came back as 1.80. I was diagnosed in July was back in hospital 2 weeks ago with terrible pain in my lungs and lower back ( kidney area).

Laat night I woke up with a burning sensation in my right side in my chest and my right arm feels heavy and gets numb when I use it. My lungs still hurts and I have been feeling very tired, which I know is normal. But what I have been experiencing now really bothers me.

I am feeling paranoid and anxious about this especially after getting my results this morning.

Is this something to be concerned about? Have any of you experienced something similar?

I don't even know why it is low. I am not eating a lot of foods with Vit K. In one week I only had 150ml yougurt and a piece of banana. Could that make such a difference?

Any advice for peace of mind would be appreciated.

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