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About 8 years ago (I am 65 now) I suddenly experienced sharp pains in my chest which got progressively worse. I went to emergency and was diagnosed with a PE. I stayed in hospital for 3 days. When I came out I found out from my sister that my father was a factor 5 leiden. I got myself tested and I also have factor 5 leiden. A few months later I developed a pain in my calf and found I had a DVT. Now I am a warfarin lifer. It took me a long time to stabalize my dosage (average) at about 4.75 gms a day to maintain an INR range of 2-3. I have been as high as 3.7. Now I get tested about every 4 weeks and mostly seem to stay within range as long as I religiously maintain my established dosage regime. My trust in doctors and the medical mafia is generally very low. Most of them, in my opinion are stupid because they can only see drugs and surgery as solutions and are totally brainwashed regarding all the incredible botanical medicines that have been around for 1000,s years.
Way back in my 20,s I developed excruciating pain in my joints and was diagnosed with gout. My doctor told me not to worry, plenty of people have gout and there are really good drugs. I asked if diet makes any difference, he said no. Long story short, I did my own research and discovered that "DIET" makes a MASSIVE difference to everything and after radically changing my diet my gout disappeared in about 2 weeks never to return. I changed to a totally vegetarian diet and became fascinated with food and nutrition. In the last 4-5 years I occasionally eat a bit of meat, chicken and fish. I have also been a smoker most of my life and for about 20 years was a heavy pot smoker. (i dont smoke anything now and I drink a little alcohol very rarely)

I would love to get off warfarin and from my research it may be possible on a strict blood type diet. I love my leafy greens so I still eat them occasionally, I walk 4 klm a day, drink about 2 litres of filtered water per day and generally eat a lot of fruit and wide variety of veges and I avoid all kinds of processed foods.

From my experience and research, I cannot stress enough how important eating good food is for overall health and well being. This something that most doctors know very little about and it is not in the medical or pharmaceutical industries interest for anyone to share experiences of cures through botanical medicines. Do you own deep and vigorous research, DO NOT rely only on what doctors say.

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