Wolf dog  Beverly Hutcheson wrote about 1 year ago

have had a biological mitrel valve replaced year ago. was on warfrin for 3 months then taken off. now was diagnosed with afib and put back on warfrin. guess stressing out about the vitamin k stuff and knowing what i can eat or not. was told not to change my eating habits but just sort of scared. any advice

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted about 1 year ago

Lots of good wafarin anticoagulation management information and support here on this site for valvers-

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Wolf dog  Beverly Hutcheson - (23) - posted about 1 year ago


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Wolf dog  songie58 - - posted 6 months ago

Hi, I also had a mitral valve replacement in 2017,also have atrial fib … my INR has to be between 2.5 and 3.5 but mines fluctuates sometimes, my last reading was 1.1 so my dosage was increased to 6mg for 5dys and 8mg for the other 2days.I just got back from vacationing in the Islands so maybe I went food crazy a little or stressed from this coronavirus pandemic because I live in NY, Just keep eating what you normally do with a little adjustment to the 'greens' portion wise.. remember that you can have more fresh greens than steam on your plate

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