Kitten baby chick  fred wrote almost 3 years ago

had to go in for day surgery ,had to stop my warfarin 5 days before .was always on 2.5 to 3 inr now down to below 1.0 worried about clots and embolism

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted almost 3 years ago

Hi Fred, INR 1.0 is a normal INR with NO anticoagulation, so everyone who is not on warfarin will have an INR of around 1.0. Why are you on warfarin?
If you are on it for afib and are symptomatic then it could be an issue for sure, if you are on it for a mechanical heart valve (like me) then it's really really risky that you will have a clot. Are you still taking warfarin and what has your coagulation manager done to re-establish you to a safe level? Are you having heparin injections (such as lovenox- the injections in your stomach) until your INR comes up to a safe level? Curious as to what the day surgery was that required to stop you for 5 days prior and put you at potential risk? A risk of bleeding versus a potential life changing stroke... . I had my sternum wires removed a year ago and my INR never went below INR 2.1(range 2.0-3.0). I hope you get this resolved quickly!!

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