White lion yawn  halinkaii wrote over 2 years ago

After the 2 aortic and mesenteric by-passes, (no plaque, all blood clots ), I was diagnosed with Lupus anti-coagulant disorder with cardiolipin antibody; mesenteric ischemia. Warfarin & Xarelto didn't work. I started Lovenox injections every 12 hours 3 yrs ago,administered by myself. It was changed to Fragmin 10,000 IU injections once a day. My blood and oxygen supply to other internal organs is lower, thus causing constipation, pain in abdomen bowels, back, kidneys.
12 mos. later I had breast cancer, surgery, and radiation. I refused chemo treatments and all chemo pills, which cause blood clots. I cannot afford another blood clot; I only have one open artery left. Other than chronic pain (!), considering my health condition, which could be fatal any time, I feel blessed to be alive. My doctor says I am "Off the charts" and a medical wonder.

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Iam killer dog  Kathyd64 - - posted about 2 years ago

Wow you certainly have been through so much and then cancer to boot! You sound a survivor and I hope you all the very best... I too have APS AcL antibodies & other antibodies and keeping safe is hard work! X

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