Brachiosaurus  ximora wrote over 4 years ago

I am preparing for surgery on my wrist so I was taken off my Warfarin and put on Lovenox injections and have been doing so for the past four days. I do my own INR testing at home and decided to check it since I had to switch my meds and it was 1.0. I have an very high incidence of DVT's so I've called my doctor and am awaiting a call back. Is this considered dangerous enough to head to the ER instead of waiting on the call back???

Update: I just heard back from the doctor... he said while on Lovenox, my INR will not be "readable"... the range will show up only when on the Warfarin but he assured me I'm on the correct amount of Lovenox and that it's doing what it's suppose to do.

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted over 4 years ago

ximora I'm glad that you were on the right course of action! Sorry no one got back to you.

How are you doing now?

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