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My father went through with valve replacement 10 years back. He used to take acitrom 2 mg for 5 days and 1 mg for 2 days for a week. He met another surgery of gallstone and hernia on 2feb 2017 so we stopped acitrom on 28th jan 2017 and his INR came 1.16 on 30th jan 2017 from 3.65 (on 26th jan). Then he operated with clexin injection (0.6 mg). After 2 days of opertaion internal bleeding started and hemoglbin dropped down. Then 6 packs of blood and stopped clexin for 2 days he was normal. Then warfarin started (4mg) and his INR is now 2.4 and he started 3mg warfarin. Is this OK for him or it should increase and he has to take 4mg only.

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Fantasy avatar 3  david - - posted almost 4 years ago

Was it a "tissue valve" Pig or Cow?
Is it a "mechanical Valve" big difference on Warfin but last post told you to talk to the doc so yes do that 1st thing.

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Baby goose kitten  laj67 - (123) - posted almost 4 years ago

I was always told INR between 2.0 to 3.0 is good and that is where it should be. 2.4 is great!! I wouldn't mess with his warfarin without talking to the doctor. Depending on how his INR blood tests comes out will determine what the dosage he takes on the warfarin.

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