Tigers lions avatars 2073  BOB MOTTA wrote about 3 years ago

hi all, yes I would like to know who to contact to get one! thanks & god bless us all,

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Black lambo  blexie - (40) - posted over 2 years ago

EBAY 350$

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Penguins  expiation56 - - posted about 3 years ago

Hi, I am Sue. Sadly if you are of medicare age it is easier to get an INR machine but otherwise, yes, you must have your doctor write a prescription but then there are stringent profile hoops to jump through. Then ,no, insurance does NOT always cover all of it. Don't forget the replacement strips that repeatedly cost as much as the machine. Insurance does not cover all them either.

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Dolphin  Paula - - posted about 3 years ago

Your prescribing Dr should be able to get one for you or write a prescription for you to get one. Most insurance companies (Medicare included) cover the cost.

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Parakeets  Zenobia tucker - - posted about 3 years ago

Hi bob i wish i can answer that. Because i would like to know who to contact to get one to.

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