Puppy sleep  Cindy in nj wrote about 5 years ago

How many strips per testing vials, how are they stored,
Ease of use and how accurate are they?

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted almost 5 years ago

Hey Cindy :)

This youtube video shows how a home INR Machine is used:

Doctor Bussey (a renowned clinical pharmacist and warfarin therapy clinician) of clotcare.com wrote a very detailed guide on the accuracy of INRs from labs and from at home devices - http://www.clotcare.com/faq_inrreliability.aspx

If you have APS, the at home INR Machines have accuracy issues. Dr. Bussey talks about this at the end of his article.

People who have APS should keep going to the lab and not use these devices. This is also backed by the APS Foundation of America.

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Puppy sleep  Cindy in nj - (8) - posted over 4 years ago

Well as usual I must be the rarity... Have been using INR machine twice weekly and also having it done by the lab draw at the same time. Might be off by about 1/10 of a point: eg: FS=2.2 lab=2.3, FS=2.4 lab=2.3. Machine costs $$$, strips are $15/each and 6 arrive through the mail at a time. When down to just 3 strips I purchase more strips through the company I call my FingerStick numbers to (who then call my Dr). You need a prescription to begin, then my insurance pays. The machine can also be leased monthly. They are stored at room temperature and must avoid being too hot or too cold

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