Fantasy avatar 6  tiffanyjohn88 wrote about 3 years ago

So my husband has a blood clot in his groin and is on warfarin. He was placed in the hospital on Monday and released Thursday. He was placed on a low salt, low fat diet. They did mention not to eat dark green leafy veggies. I understand that much. But the more I look into this I realize vitamin K is in a lot of food in large amounts. I need to find a way to cope with this, so I can help my husband make a good recovery. I need to learn! Please will someone help me? I found this website while searching around and figured this seems to be the place we need to be!

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Brachiosaurus  Lorencino - - posted about 3 years ago

TiffannyJohn88, You should be able to eat the full range of healthy natural foods and your doctor is supposed to help by adjusting your warfarin levels to suit your diet but also be cognizant of the effects of different drugs that a doctor can prescribe. The main thing is not to avoid foods that contain vitamin K as, beside helping the blood to clot, regularly consumed vitamin K helps to stabilize INR levels. The final thing is to stick to the levels of healthy food your doctor has adjusted the Warfarin levels to effectively compensate for.

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted about 3 years ago

I'm a warfarin lifer (2 years so far) and all I ever do is eat the same as what I've always eaten, I'm still finding foods I eat regularly are listed on websites as high vitamin K beware etc, you get the gist its not doom and gloom, I test INR weekly and do fine. Some hopefully helpful links I've come across- http://web.archive.org/web/20070729004331/http://www.warfarinfo.com/warfarinfo.com2.htm

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