Tiger cub  patricerallen wrote over 3 years ago

I cannot get my INR up and past the 2.0 mark?? Are there certain foods or something that help with this? My OAS team is adjusting my Warfarin dosage...

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Bugatti silver black  Newbie to Warfarin - (122) - posted almost 3 years ago

I would certainly get my PCP to review and advise the amount you should have. I have been in the local specialist clinic for a year now and have been told all kinds of conflicting information including dosages. Mostly they don't really indicate what can make your tests vary so much. I'm not at all sure the warfarin dosage CAN be managed!

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Dog in hat  Kat - (97) - posted almost 3 years ago

A lot of things go into changing your INR ; could be you not as active as usual , being upset or stressed changes every cell in body !{ blood clotting } I think the best anyone can do is eat consistently. Report changes in medications ; any over the counter drugs and vitamins always check with Dr and Coagulation Clinic monitoring you ." I am now doing weekly monitoring after having a spinal bleed ,stroke and internal bleeding mostly from way too conservative of blood monitoring by those who mostly learn by their err...
I thank my Lord and many specialists at OHSU that I am still here!"

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted about 3 years ago

"they say because of my weight I can only have so much. "
what do they mean by this ??? the amount you "need "is irrelavant what matters is the INR is in range, I'm on 9 mg a day, my dad is only on 2 mg,my uncle was on 11 mg a day, I read about a number of people on 15 mg a day and I think the really high daily dose required to have an INR in range was somewhere around 100 mg a day. Some people metabolise warfarin a lot faster than others so therefore need higher doses to be therapeutic

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Polar bear family  dpellizz - (113) - posted over 3 years ago

SURE, take a higher dose of warfarin...is your GP or cardiologist not reviewing your blood tests and telling you how much warfarin u need to take?

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Tiger cub  patricerallen - (28) - posted over 3 years ago

My PCP and OAT did increase my dosage for a few days and my INR has since increased but they say because of my weight I can only have so much.

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