Dog in hat  Sbonilla wrote over 1 year ago

i"ve been trying to figure out how much k i can have on a daily basis if i take 5mg per day of blood thinner. can any one help? i thought this site would be helpful but perhaps i don"t know how to get around it properly.

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Fox  tkt3699 - (149) - posted over 1 year ago

I take 100mcg caplets, vit k 4 days a week. Sometimes I am not consistent with salads. It's equivalent to abt a cup...
I have been more stable with my INR. So, just be consistent! If you eat 2 serving a week. ..3? Or some every day. ...this is a great way to see how much vit k is in your foods. Good luck. I hope you figure it out.

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted over 1 year ago

I started a vit k1 supplement of 100mcg daily to try smooth my inr out a bit more (as I dont eat “greens” every day), my last 5 inr tests have been spot on with no change to my dose at all with taking the supplement. Also the dose varies for everyone generally, what matters is the target inr, my range is inr 2-3 for a mechanical aortic valve, and I take 9mg daily, my father who also has a mech and the same range only takes 2.5mg to be in range.

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Penguins  kweitzel - - posted over 1 year ago

I have a mechanical valve my doctor tells me 90 mcg a day.It probably depends on what you are taking also. Doctors aren't very helpful concerning follow up on diet.

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