Bmw m5  kazzboo wrote almost 3 years ago

holy basil good for depression interferes with coumadin-can i take a little and monitor INR?

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted almost 3 years ago

I just read a bit about it and from what it said it can both raise and lower your INR (more raise) , I would think if you were able to effectively see the effect, take it consistantly and monitor the effects so you can adjust your warfarin dose accordingly to keep yourself in range then it's quite do-able. I self test weekly with a coaguchek XS so when you say monitor INR would you be testing weekly, monthly or longer? I would think weekly would be a must so if there is any untoward increase/decrease your dose can be adjusted promptly to maintain a safe INR. I think discuss it with your doctor or coag management to keep it safe :-)

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