Polar bear family 2  pvalenz wrote over 4 years ago

Has anyone ever had bad effects of taking herbalife as it has 35% of daily value on it. I want to start it as I have many friends that are losing weight with and helping as a meal replacement. Because of y work I have to skip meals or don't have time and end up getting fast food which is not healthy. are there any other healthy meal replacements to healp lose the weight?

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted over 4 years ago

Hey pvalenz. I'm not familiar with that meal replacement, but if your doctor is aware of the vitamin k you'll be taking it, he/she can counteract it with an appropriate warfarin dose.

You would just have to be consistent in taking it, and then only change the pattern after talking to your doctor and he/she readjusts your dosage.

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