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Need some help.

Before I had my baby (4 months ago), I was slim, exercising regularly (pilates, 10K steps a day, jogging) and eating healthfully (siu dai everything, brown rice, lean proteins). But even then, my cholesterol profile was not great (total: 205mg/dL, HDL: 77mg/dL, LDL: 117mg/dL). During pregnancy, I couldn’t exercise (due to threatened abortion) and after the 2nd trimester, drank formula to gain weight (because I lost a lot of weight due to hyperemesis gravidarum). Now I have some belly fat and have not been my healthiest (sleep deprivation, irregular meals when I’m alone with baby, no exercise due to c-section wound). I feel crappy physically, like pregnancy totally messed up my body/sleeping pattern/health. Have I worsened my cholesterol profile during and post pregnancy? Can I reverse the damage through exercise? Also do you think mummy tummy is bad for your heart? I read somewhere that belly fat puts you at higher risk of heart disease.


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