Brachiosaurus  Braxton wrote 9 months ago


I'm the organizer for my company's blood drives. This is the second one in 6 months that I've been involved with. Both times my blood clotted off and didn't flow. Both times, they poked the needle around in my arm and made quite large bruises with many pretty colors.I'm really pissed for two reasons. First, that poking of the needle in my arm really freaking hurts!!Second, I'm concerned about the stop of blood flow both times. Different nurses, different times of day, etc.... Any ideas??!! Anyone have any similar problems?

Please help.

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Cool dog  pattyfromfl - (139) - posted 9 months ago

Hi, I'm Patty from FL. I gave blood for the first time 2 weeks ago and had no problem. My INR was checked today at the dr and it was 2.9. I assume you are seeing a doctor and having your INR checked regularly? INR is the length of time to form clots. It seems if you kept clotting then your INR is too low. You either need to increase your coumadin or stop eating foods with vitamin k. In any event, I would speak to my doctor. He is the one that should be adjusting your dosage.

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