Cat christmas  Kathleen Swarthout wrote about 3 years ago

One Home Health nurse told me that too much Vitamin K will make my INR go UP. MY INR on admission to the hospital with pneumonia was 6.6 and they gave me Vitamin K by IV to get it down. It did go down: to 1.9. I am now home and on my normal, low K diet. After 1 full day at home, my INR was 2.3.

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Fantasy avatar 1  IPW133 - (38) - posted almost 3 years ago

The Nurse got it mixed up. When your INR goes up too high - the GP will give you Vit K orally to drop your INR. I struggled to get my INR above 1.6 because I was eating foods containing too much Vit K (Hummus/Broccoli/Sugersnap Peas etc) then stopped Hummus for one week. The test was then >8.

I've been taking Warfarin for 25 years. I'm amazed how many Health professionals don't have a clue about Warfarin problems

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted almost 3 years ago

Um they have that around the wrong way, your liver uses vit K to produce the clotting agent in your blood, warfarin blocks the liver being able to produce this fibrin (clotting stuff). So the more vit K you eat the more warfarin you need to counter act this process to bring your INR into range, but unless you eat a very large amount of greens and only once in a blue moon the affects are relatively predictable with a normal diet. At a guess perhaps with pneumonia your liver was busy trying to fight infection so it's function was reduced so the warfarin wasn't being metabolised as quickly hence the 6.6 INR. Things like antibiotics will make it go up (mines been up to 7.7 on antibiotics), also cranberry and grapefruit juice may affect it considerably.

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