Butterfly  Calibythesea wrote about 3 years ago

I was diagnosed with DVT and had surgery followed by prescription for warfarin. I'm told to take the drug and have regular blood tests the rest of my life. I was not educated about anything. especially dietary do's or don'ts.

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Fantasy avatar 1  IPW133 - (39) - posted almost 3 years ago

One of the difficulties in ensuring that you are consistent with the type of food you eat. Your body needs Vit K containing food items, BUT too much will counteract the Warfarin you take. If you eat a lot of greens and pulses, then if you are consistent in the amount then the warfarin dose can be adjusted to ensure your INR is stable. But my problem is that I cannot be consistent, so I am trying to eat the same quantity and type of food for the next 6 months to try to find a steady level.

you are having the same problems as me....I think no one is good at answering that in Professional Healthcare. The dieticians avoid the subject.

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted about 3 years ago

this blog may be helpful

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