Penguins  johnson55 wrote over 3 years ago

My INR is not watched. I had a mild hrt attack 3yrs ago ,eluting stent placed and I bruise and bleed very easily and it takes up to threes days to stop bleeding even with bandages applied. pressure to wound doesn't work, remnants of blood is always found in urine(tested no kidney or bladder issues) how to get this evaluated to get off Plavix if it too thin

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted almost 3 years ago

There are no blood tests required for plavix. It works later in the clotting mechanism and the inr would not reflect its effect.Hence it's not monitored,so one fixed dose for all it would seem. Plavix stops the platelets being able to stick or clump together to form a clot, where as warfarin works on the liver by blocking it from being able to use vit K to produce fibrilin, the "strings" in the blood that "grab" the platelets to form the clots.

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