Bugatti silver black  Janet M wrote about 5 years ago

Undergoing very high stress the last several weeks, also heart failure is worse. INR today is 5.2....range should be 2.5 to 3.5. How does stress affect INR?

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  APS Foundation of America  (website) - (3) - posted about 5 years ago

Yes, for me it usually drags my INR is the toilet. So, try what ever it takes to relax: read a book, go for a walk, meditate, listen to music, something to try to give yourself 15 minutes to yourself to reduce the stress.

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted about 5 years ago

Hey Janet, I'm so sorry about the elevated INR of 5.2. Heart failure will cause stress for anyone. I would be stressed out too.

The government did a study called "Effect of stress on international normalized ratio during warfarin therapy"

I'll summarize the study: two patients taking Warfarin both went through stress and their INRs spiked up. Nothing else changed for the patients other than their stress levels.

The scientists couldn't come up with a definite relationship between the patients' stress and the elevated INRs

However, what the scientists did come up with is that Warfarin may stay in the body longer than normal if you are undergoing stress - and that's why your INR gets spiked.

So maybe try doing something you enjoy and love, and see if your INR goes back to normal.

I would also check here to see if something else could have caused your INR of 5.2: http://inrtracker.com/inr-levels/inr-5.2

And here's the link to the government study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11918508

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  Blood Clot Recovery Network  (website) - (6) - posted about 5 years ago

My INR has been stable for about 2 years (I'm taking warfarin). Recently it dropped for a reason I cannot identify, but I am under a lot of unusual stress. I think stress contributes to INR and wonder if it is effecting me most recently. I just wanted to share my experience.

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Eagle  Maric - (159) - posted about 5 years ago

I voted by mistake, new at this site

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