Black lambo  joy71tracker wrote over 1 year ago

I take 2.5 mg 3 days of the week and 5. mg the rest of the time. Was filling out info for tracker and don't know how to post that..

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted over 1 year ago

In the medication entry (so above where it says 0 of 12 entries completed today) you can record your warfarin dose every day which would record the variation in your dose, that could get tedious.
I only record the INR section which is weekly for me as I self test and manage, so in the notes in this section I write in my dosage and any variations I make.
Once you have a few INRs recorded ,in the reports section if you click on that and have a play you will find it will build a very nice graph and it will list out your INRs with your notes so its easy to look back and see variations with any highs or lows in your INR. You can adjust the dates to which ever calendar period you want the graph to show.
Also if you have kept good records of your INRs you can post enter back as far as you like, you can set the date for each individual entry even if the reading was a year or more ago and record your dosage in the notes section. I have all my INR results stored back till when I started warfarin in 2015.
Hope this helps somehow :-)

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