Butterfly  Charles Webb wrote almost 4 years ago

I have been on coumadin for several months with a target range of 2.0 - 3.0. My INR results have been relatively stable on 6mg/day dosage.

Update! Success!

Found site www.nutritionvalue.org that does exactly what I was asking about.


I have a food scale at home and would like to use it to get a better idea of the Vitamin K levels that I am consuming. It would help greatly to remain consistent day to day or week to week IF there were a resource to determine Vitamin K content of food related to WEIGHT (grams or ounces). Most of the Vitamin K content resources (including this site) give Vitamin K content in units that are not easily converted to weight. That includes the information available through this site as many/most of the Vitamin K content levels are listed in cups or partial cups. This would be fine for liquids, but is not easily used for non-liquid foods.

Can someone refer me to an available resource for Vitamin K content that will allow me to use my food scale to determine the vitamin K content?

I greatly appreciate any help offered.


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