Penguins  Alice wrote over 3 years ago

I was told because both Vit K and Coumadin have a relatively long half-life, I have to consume a consistent intake of Vitamin K foods throughout the week. I understand my diet needs to be consistent on a weekly basis. What I don't understand is how consistent does my V-K intake have to be from day to day? Is there a variance threshold of Vitamin K intake from day to day that will adversely affect my Coumadin therapy? i.e. Is it ok for my daily intake to vary 100 mcg's or even 500 mcg's as long as my weekly total is consistent?

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Wolf dog  Bobbi - (114) - posted over 3 years ago

I'm allowed 90-120 micrograms a day. That has to be consistent day to day. What you ate yesterday affects your INR today. It doesn't affect it right away. You shouldn't be having foods that give you 500 micrograms unless it's a very small amount, or you eat the same amount every week. I love spinich, which is very high in Vit K. But I would have to eat the same amount every week, say twice a week and keep doing it. I do that now with my salad. 3x a week I have a salad. Keeps my INR even.

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