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Just back from Thailand & have some observations regarding above.

Contrary to general perception on forum, I got the best exchange rate from INR to THB in Delhi itself. No bank in Bangkok or Pattaya offered better rate than here in Delhi.

In fact, most banks did not deal in Indian rupee & we had to search for the few that did. The spread (difference between buying & selling) was much greater for INR, upto 30%.

Variation in rates is huge between different banks. Worst I got (0.4 THB for 1 INR) to best (0.56 THB for 1 INR). In India I got 0.69 THB for 1 INR. Before buying, you can check dynamic daily rates at …daytodaydata.net/default.aspx

Maybe it is not a bad idea to shop for USD or THB before leaving.

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why are you posting this dribble...?

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