Fantasy avatar 2  jeetugulati wrote almost 5 years ago

I am on 4/5 mg warfarin everyday since 4 Oct 15- about 9 weeks now. My INR is low( loess than 2). I am off Vitamin K - no green leafy vegetables etc. what more should I do to keep my INR between 2 and 3? jeetugulati14@gmail.com

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted almost 5 years ago

Hey Jeet,

I would ask your doctor about possibly taking more warfarin to increase your INR.

You could use this tool to see if there's anything causing your INR to be low. You just put your inr in, your target range and it'll pop out a bunch of information for you:


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Fantasy avatar 2  jeetugulati - (42) - posted over 4 years ago

Pavan, thx for your reply. my doctor has increased my warfarin dose alternately to 4mg/5mg per week. my next INR will be checked on 28 Dec. i hope it improves.

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Wolf  Pavan - - posted over 4 years ago

I hope it works out too. Let me know when your INR goes back up!

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