Brachiosaurus  cowsontheice wrote about 1 year ago

I had an AVR with a mechanical valve 18 months ago and for various reasons my INR has fluctuated wildly and consequently, I have had two strokes. The most recent two weeks ago.
I've also been told my cholesterol is far too high and I'm grossly overweight. (I'd be the perfect weight if I was 6'6" but I'm 5'4").
I have enough problems comprehending most things because of the strokes but trawling through information about diet literally gives me a headache.
Anybody got any advice that won't confuse me?

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted about 1 year ago

This site is for valvers,
its great for info on INR management, diet, and support from people like us, if you have not found it already I recommend it, and there are people on there who will personally help you out if you want with INR management.
I have a mechanical aortic valve, 3 1/2 yrs now, and have high cholesterol lol , Im onna statin but the dose I need to keep it low affects me badly so I just wing it on half tabs so my cholesterol is in the middle somewhere.
One stroke let alone 2 is not good at all especially when its avoidable with the right INR management. I learnt early on to manage my own INR and home test with a coaguchekXS, I test weekly and have looked after my INR solely myself for 3 years now with over 90% in range. If theres anything I can help with getting your INR on track let me know. There are alot of myths and mis-information around about warfarin and INR management and I found the best way to figure it all out was from other people like me, living a normal life on warfarin, I even take a daily vitamin K1 and K2 supplement without changing my dose. Im 42 so have the rest of my life on warfarin, so having my INR right is very dear to my heart :-)
All the best.

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