Panther  maggiemay wrote 3 months ago

I have been taking warfarin for over 25 years, and have always watched my diet, and avoiding the high vitamin K foods. I stick to a regular diet, I do not smoke or drink, never have, and am proof that it is possible to remain well everything in moderation is key. I wish you all well, and can say that although my life has been tied to INR testing for the last 25 years, it is possible to stay reasonably healthy. I am now 85 years young, and have been self testing for the last 10 years generally every one to two weeks, I get support regarding my dosage.

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Flower red  TonyRoberts - (121) - posted 2 months ago

Thank you for this positive post maggiemay. I'm 48 and I've been taking warfarin for just over 3 years after a mitral valve replacement. I've been self testing since day one and this site has been very helpful in tracking my progress. I agree with what you said. There are many things in life that we can't control but diet, exercise, and maintaining your INR in a therapeutic range are things that we do have control over. One day I hope to see 85 as well!

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Panther  maggiemay - (38) - posted 2 months ago

I had my 86th birthday yesterday, and recently I have had to test my INR three daily, just to keep it within the theraputic range for my aortic valve, as being on antibiotics for a chest infection does interfere with the work of the warfarin. During the time I have had the aortic valve I have had dental treatment, but even now I still have my very own teeth, which I have cared for every six months. It is very important to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. About six years ago I had to have the sternal wires removed, they were causing problems, that was more painful than the heart surgery, they had to be removed because they had become unstable. I was advised at the beginning to keep an eye on my diet, and not take any kind of vitamins etc that one can buy from the health food shops. My life has not been altered in any way I still enjoyed my life and my hobbies etc, even more so after my life was saved, I was told at the time I only had weeks to live if the surgeon had not operated when he did. I am glad that you are well and thank you for reading about my life. Margaret

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Eagle  ste259 - - posted about 2 months ago


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Panther  maggiemay - (38) - posted about 2 months ago

I have not had side effects, and over the 26 years on warfarin I have had the odd tooth extraction, four operations under general anesthetic an d I am still reasonably well for my age. I have arthritis but who hasn't at 86 years of age. I manage to keep my INR between the guidelines for my aortic mechanical valve, by eating a varied diet and not over eating the vegetables containing a lot of vitamin K. I have always taken care of myself, and am self testing with the hospital back up. My monitor coagucheck XS works very well and differs only by 0.1 to the blood clinic results and it is checked six monthly to ensure that all is well. Hope this helps in some way. No side effects as a result of taking wafarin for 26 years.

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Puppy sleep2  maya - - posted 12 days ago

Hello, do you follow a specific diet? do you literally control the quantity of vitamin K you take? If so, do you have a specific diet program or a planned list of the food you eat every week?

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