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Old Cardiologist Office would call me with my INR Readings 2-3 days afterwords and when I tried contacting them they wouldn't call me back! On a Home Monitoring System for my INR's now. New Cardiologist office, my INR's are finally improving now and new Cardiologist explained what average he wants the points at and how to lessen or heighten the count when needed. But he put's words in my mouth that are untrue. He thinks he know's me, but he doesn't. I feel he put's all of his patient's in a certain category. I am Type 1 brittle diabetic for over 40 years, have been seeing my same Diabetic Dr. for over 25 years. This new Cardiologist wants me to start a new pill Metroprolol to help lower b.pressure when I exercise. It show's bad side effects for Diabetics. Worried. I brought my daily pressure readings..they are perfect! He acts like they are not accurate. They are usually 108 - 127/ 53-52 and never over 130/54-52. I have "white coat" when I visit any Dr. Today I ordered a machine with memory to show them to him my readings via cell phone app. Also today he made me do the Stress Treadmill test. It showed when under stress this pill will help lower the blood pressure. Does anyone else have these kinds of problem's with Cardiologist's? I wish the Cardiologist and Office help were like my Cardiac Surgeon and his Office. They stayed on top of everything and where very friendly! New at this. Thanks

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Brachiosaurus  warrick - (1) - posted over 2 years ago

Hi not sure if you've come across this site www.valvereplacement.org/forums , there are people here who have both had AVR and are diabetics, and they are happy to help answer all sorts of questions from other valvers.

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